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Grant and sponsored research


Web-Based Collaboration for Team Research

Investigator: Dr. T. Baker
Sponsor: AIT Curriculum Innovation Award (Bht. 90,000)

Modern knowledge work increasingly involves collaboration with colleagues in a distributed, networked environment. This award will evaluate and test Web-based collaboration environments and collection-building tools, especially as foci of group project work.

Distance Education

Investigator: H.N. Phien
Sponsor: NORTEL (US $ 50,000)

This project was intended to help launch the Distance Education Program at AIT. A review of all important issues on Distance Education, including the administrative support, was made. Suitable delivery methods, in view of the economic viability and technology available, were recommended. All these will be used in the experiment with the development of a series of lectures for Distance Education.

Behavior-Based Robotics and Animation Programming

Investigator: Dr. P.M. Dung
Sponsor: AIT Research Initialtion Grant (Bht. 100,000)

The objective of the research is to investigate the foundation for the development of high-level programming languages for intelligent behavior-based robots with application in behavior-based animation and simulation.

Result: A general language for behavior based robotics and multiagent programming has been developed based on a theory of actions. The language allows the specification of the capabilities of agents operating in a possible hostile environment. A sound proof system has been developed. Parts of the results have been published in an article in the AAAI Conference 1998, a premier conference in AI. Currently, work is continued to expand these results to develop an implementable system based on abductive logic programming.

In Progress

Development and Implementation of a Curriculum for Education and Training of Software Developers

Investigator: Dr. D.N. Batanov
Sponsor: IBM (Bht. 500,000)

The objectives of this AIT-IBM joint initiative are to promote and popularize the IBM products through existing and additional academic activities in universities and other educational institutions on one hand, and to improve and expand the educational and training program of IBM, including preparation of certified IBM software developers, on the other. Respective mechanisms, agreements and other supported papers are under preparation now and it's expected to be signed until the end of November'98.


Investigator: R. Sadananda
Sponsor: EU (ECU 50,000)

The project consortium includes partners from Austria, United Kingdom, Italy Argentina, China, Egypt, Mexico, Venezuela, Zimbabwe besides us at AIT, to address Environmental Issues through the development of Training and Management tools, using advanced Information Technologies. Models have been developed on various aspects of Environmental issues, webpages have been created and trainings organized. Student research in the area is also supported.


Investigator: R. Sadananda
Sponsor: Siemens AG (Bht. 500,000)

Various aspects of medical information system have been studied and student research encouraged. An international teleconsultation was developed as a pedagogy, and website was opened for the purpose.

Multi-Agent, Distributed Systems

Investigator: Dr. P.M. Dung
Sponsor: AIT Curriculum Innovation Award (Bht. 100,000)

The purpose of the award is to support a study on the foundation of multi-agent and distributed systems and to make proposals for innovating the CSIM curriculum in the face of a fast changing environment brought upon by the enormous development of the internet.

We have carried out research on the semantical foundation of multi-agent systems whose state is characterized by a logical theory specifying the agent’s knowledge and beliefs. The agents communicate by sending and receiving messages using high-level speech-act based actions like to informs and request. A journal paper reporting some of the research results supported by this grant has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Knowledge Engineering.

We recommend that the curriculum of CSIM should be upgraded to give students solid knowledge on Distributed Systems, especially TCP/IP Protocols, Client/Server Programming, Multi-agent Systems, Network-based Searching, Storage and Retrieval of Semi-Structured Data. Special attention should be paid to E-Commerce as it is fast becoming a field of strategical importance.

Foundations of Deductive Object-Oriented Databases

Investigator: Vilas Wuwongse
Sponsor: Thailand Research Fund (Bht. 1,770,000)

A general information representation scheme called Specialization System is employed to develop a theoretical foundation for deductive object-oriented databases. The foundation is general enough to cover various deductive and object-oriented databases as well as the combination of the two. Recently developed Web databases can also be modeled by the foundation. Based on the foundation, one can verify gain insight into specific deductive and object-oriented databases.

Object Oriented Software Engineering Training

Investigator: Vilas Wuwongse
Sponsor: Revenue Department (Bht. 946,000)

This project aims at providing the officials of the Revenue Department who are in charge of software development with modern software development techniques. An object-oriented development process together with a modeling language called UML (Unified Modeling Language) is introduced. A small project is used throughout the training which, later leads to the development of a real Taxpayer Identification Number system to be used of all the offices around the country. This system is the first and largest Web-based three-tier software system ever developed in Thailand.


Journal Papers

Nagarur, N., Batanov, D.N., and Keawplang, J., "Methodology for Developing Maintenance Management System Using Object Orientation", Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing, Jonh Wiley & Sons, Inc., Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 27-47, 1999.

Danh, N. V., Phien, H. N. and Das Gupta, A., "Neural Network Models for River Flow Forecasting", Water SA, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp.33-39, 1999.

Tien, H.L., Hansuebsai, D. and Phien, H. N. "Rational Ball Curves", International Journal of Math. Ed. In Science and Technology, Vol. 30, No. 2, pp.243-257, 1999.

Nidapan, C., and Qi, Y., "Feature Selection Using Domain Relationship with Gas", Knowledge and Information Systems, Vol 1, No. 3, pp. 377-390, August 1999.

Conference Papers/Proceedings

Vassileva, T., Batanov, D., Tchumatchenko, V., and Bojkov, D., "Advanced Interactive Web Technologies in Engineering Education", Proceeding of the IASTED International Conference on Computers and Advanced Technology in Education (CATE'99), May 6-8, 1999, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Tchumatchenko, V., Vassileva, T., Batanov, D., and Bojkov, D., "WWW Based Simulation of VLSI Circuits", Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Modeling and Simulation (MS'99), May 5-8, 1999, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Batanov, D., Olarnsakul, M., "A component Coordination Model for Customization and Composition of Component-Based System Design", Submitted and Accepted for 7th Annual International Conference and Workshop on the Engineering of Computer-Based Systems (ECBS), April 3-5,2000, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Kanchanasut, K., Yamaguchi, S., Inoue, H., Tantatsanawong, P., and Kiatsirivatana, K., “ The AI3 Cachebone, Proceedings of the Internet Workshop 1999 IEEE Press, Osaka, February 1999, pp. 259-264.

Tantatsanawong, P., Phien, H.N., and Kanchanasut, K., “Web Server Performance”, Proceedings of the Internet Workshop 1999 IEEE Press, Osaka, February 1999, pp. 221-230.

Tientanopajai, K., and Kanchanasut, K., “Design of Security Services for Active Networks”, Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Mobile Agents for Telecommunication Applications (MATA’99), Ottawa, Canada, October 1999, World Scientific, pp. 95-108.

Sureerattanan, S., and Phien, H.N., “The Optimal Structure of Backpropagation Networks”, In a Computational Intelligence and Applications, ed. By N.K. Mastorakis, World Scientific and Engineering Society Press, 1999, pp. 37-41 (Proc. 3rd IMACS/IEEE Int. Conference, Athens, Greece).

Phien, H.N., and Sureerattanan, S., “Neural Networks for Filtering and Forecasting of Daily and Monthly Streamflows, in Hydrologic Modeling”, ed. By V.P. Singh, I. Won Seo, and J.H. Sonu (Proc. Int. Conf. On Water, Engineering, Ecology, Socio-Economics and Health Engineering), Seoul, Korea, 1999, pp.203-218.

Qi, Y., and Baidya, J., "Horizontal-Vertical communication in Load Balancing Models", Proc. Of 1999 POPTA International Conference, July 1999, USA.

Chaikla, N., and Qi, Y., "Genetic Algorithms in Feature Selection", Proc. Of IEEE, SMC'99, October, 1999, JAPAN.

Sadananda, R., and Khan, C., “Self-Organization and Collaborative Learning in Multi-Agent Systems”, Pacific Rim International Conference on MultiAgents (PRIMA 99), Kyoto, Japan, Dec. 2-3, 1999.

Wongthanavasu, S., and Sadananda, R., “Pixel-Level Edge Dection Using a Cellular Automata-Based Model”, International Conference on Advances in Intelligent Systems: Theory and Applications (AISTA’2000), Canberra, Australia, February 2-4, 2000.

Khan, C., and Sadananda, R., “Data Mining for Spatial Analysis of Emerging Trends”, Third World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (SCI’99) and the Fifth International Conference on Information Systems, Analysis and Synthesis (ISAS’99), Orlando, Florida, USA, July 31-August 4, 1999.

Apisiridej, S., and Sadananda, R., “An Agent Mediated Negotiation Model in Electronic Commerce”, 14th Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, New South Wales, December 1999.

Conferences, Workshops and Serminars organized


    1. The Fifth IFIP Conference on Intelligence in Networks (SMARTNET’99)
      Organizer: Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
      International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)
      The Telecommunications Association of Thailand (TCT)
      With Cooperation: The Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT)
      The Communication Authority of Thailand (CAT)
      Sponsors: Alcatel (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
      Ericsson Communications (Thailand) Ltd.
      Lucent Technologies (Thailand) Inc.
      Nokia Telecommunications (Thailand) Ltd.
      Siemens Systems Ltd.
      ECI Telecom Ltd.
      Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
      NEC Corporation
      Date: 22-26 November 1999
    2. ASIAN'99, the Fisth Asian Computing Science Conference
      Organizer: Asian Intitue of Technology (AIT)
      Institut National de la Recherche en Informatique et Automatisme (INRIA)
      United Nation University/International Institute for Software Technology (UNU/IIST)
      Sponsors: INRIA
      National University of Singapore
      10-12 December 1999


13-15 December
11th Asian School on Computer Science
Arithmetic Circuit Design, by Jean Vuillemin, Ecole Normale Superieure
Explicit and Inplicit Automata, by Gerard Berry, Ecole des Mines de Paris and INRIA
Verification by Model-Checking, by Nicolas Halbwachs, Verimag/CNRS


18 March
Advanced Computing and Networking in Canada
Brian W. Unger
29 April
What’s New and Exciting in Network and Computer Security
Tom Keenan
19 May
Visual Verification
Zahar Manna
3 June
The Influence of Variability on the Evolvability of Conceptual Models of Information Systems
Jan Verelst
1 September
From Expert System to Agent Based System
P.C.P. Bhatt
2 September
Geographic Information Systems
P.C.P. Bhatt
4 October
Data Analysis with Conceptual Information Systems
Gerd Stumme
9 November
From Logic Programming to Multiagents Systems
R. Kowalski
26 November
The Fluent Calculus-A Theoretical Foundation for Cognitive Robotics
Michael Thielscher

Faculty and Professional Staff

Huynh Ngoc Phien, B.Sc., B.A., Hue; M.Sc., D.Tech.Sc., AIT.
Professor (Statistics; mathematical software; computer modeling and simulation).

R. Sadananda, B.E., Mysore; M.E., Roorkee; Ph.D., IIT.
Professor (Artificial intelligence; theoretical computer science).

Vilas Wuwongse, B.Eng., M.Eng., D.Eng., Tokyo Inst. of Tech.
Professor (Knowledge engineering; natural language processing; information systems).

D.N. Batanov, B.Sc. M.Sc., Ph.D., Tech Univ., Sofia.
Associate Professor and Coordinator (CAD/CAM; CIM; expert system in manufacturing; computer applications in manufacturing)

Phan Minh Dung, M.Sc., Ph.D., Univ. of Tech., Dresden.
Associate Professor (Logic programming; theory of programming languages).

Kanchana Kanchanasut, B.Sc., Dip.Comp.Sc., Queensland; M.Sc., Ph.D., Melbourne.
Associate Professor (Algorithms; logic programming).

Vatcharaporn Esichaikul, B.Acc., Chulalongkorn; MBA, Oklahoma State; Ph.D. Kent State.
Associate Professor (Info. Mgt.).

F. Devadason, B.Sc., B.Lib.Sc., Madras; Ph.D., Karnatak.
Visiting Faculty

Qi Yulu, University of Sciences and Technology,
Visiting Faculty (Computer architecture, algorithms, parallel processing, logic design).

Andrew Davison, B. Sc., UMIST, UK, M. Sc., Lehigh Univ., USA, Ph. D., Imperial College, UK.
Visiting Faculty (Logic programming, internet/web paradigms).

Chidchanok Lursinsap, B.Eng., Chulalongkorn, M.S., Ph.D., Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Associated Faculty (Design automation, silicon compilation, neural network, computer architecture).

Anuchit Anuchitanukul, B.Eng., Chulalongkorn, M.Sc., Ph.D., Stanford.
Associated Faculty (Program synthesis/verification, automated reasoning, reactive and distributed systems)

Honag Le Tien, B.Eng., Polytechnics Inst., Prague; M. Eng., D. Eng., AIT.
Affiliated Faculty (Geometric modeling, CAD/CAM, micro computer system design).

Aekavute Sujarae, B.Eng., Floida Institute of Technology; M. Eng., D. Eng., AIT.
Affiliated Faculty (World wild web technology, neural networks).

Patrick Brézillon, M.Sc., Ph.D., Univ. Paris 6.
Adjunct Faculty (Artificial intelligence, expert system)

OLivier Nicole, B.Sc., M.Sc., Paris-Sud.
Research Specialist I

P.K.M.M. Pallewatta, M.Sc., Vladimir Polytechnical Inst., USSR; M.Eng., AIT.
Research Specialist.

Dipak Lal Shrestha, M.Sc., AIT
Computer System Supervisor

Courses Offered

Course Number, Term, Description, Credits(weekly lecture-lab hours)

Computer Science Courses

AT02.01 May Foundation of Programming, 3(3-0)
AT02.02 May Computer Graphics, 3(3-0)
AT02.04 May Computer Organization and Architecture, 3(3-0)
AT02.05 May Artificial Intelligence, 3(3-2)
AT02.06 May Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, 3(2-3)
AT02.07 May Client/Server Distributed Systems, 3(2-3)
AT02.10 Sept Data Structures & Algorithms, 3(3-0)
AT02.12 Sept Principles of Programming Languages, 3(3-0)
AT02.13 Sept Database Design, 3(2-3)
AT02.14 Sept Operating Systems, 3(3-0)
AT02.15 Sept Geometric Modeling, 3(3-0)
AT02.98 Sept Selected Topics: Advanced Object Technologies for Application Software Development, 3(3-0)
AT02.20 Jan Theory of Computation, 3(3-0)
AT02.21 Jan Modeling and Simulation, 3(3-0)
At02.22 Jan Knowledge Engineering, 3(3-0)
AT02.24 Jan Parallel Computer Architectures, 3(3-0)
AT02.98A Jan Selected Topics: 3(3-0)

Information Management Courses

AT06.01 May Decision Support Systems, 3(2-3)
AT06.02 May Information Systems Analysis and Design, 3(2-3)
AT06.11 Sept Human-Computer Interaction, 3(2-3)
AT06.98 Sept Selected Topics: Management information Systems, 3(3-0)
AT06.20 Jan Knowledge Organization and Information Access, 3(2-3)
AT02.21 Jan Information Security and Control, 3(3-0)

Student Research

Master's Students in Computer Science

Multi-Agent Cooperative Problem Solving Towards Medical Diagnostics
Arun Kumar Timalsina
Supervisor: Prof. R. Sadananda

An Intelligent Graphical Chat Agent
Buntita Pravalpruk (Ms.)
Supervisor: Dr. A. Davison

On the Operational Semantics of Java
Charinya Tayapiwattana (Ms.)
Supervisor: Dr. P.M. Dung

Similarity Searching in Medical Image Database Using R*-Tree
Darmawan Utomo
Supervisor: Prof. R. Sadananda

Using Binary Decision Diagram for Optical Character Recognition
Hathai Tanta-ngai (Ms.)
Supervior: Dr. Kanchana K.

Morphing of Expert System into Intelligent Agent
Hiong Sen (Riky)
Supervisor: Prof. R. Sadananda

The Art Gallery Problem in Simple Polygons
Jefri Marzal
Supervisor: Prof. H.N. Phien

Software Engineering Methodology for Development of Blackboard-based Expert Systems, Case Study: Student Advisory System
Kittipong Klomklaum
Supervisor: Dr. D.N. Batanov

Flow Control for Reliable Multicast over Unidirectional Link
Kongdet Srisamran
Supervisor: Dr. Kanchana K.

Mobile Robot Navigatio
Le Viet Hung
Supervisor: Dr. P.M. Dung

Development of Software Agent for Distributed Network Management System
Ngo Quoc Anh
Supervisor: Dr. D.N. Batanov

A Comparison Study on Backpropagation Neural Networks and B-spline Network Models
Ravinda Gayan Narendra Meegama
Supervisor: Prof. H.N. Phien

Object-oriented Software Engineering of Real-time Systems: A Case Study of Building Automation System at Backup Site Building of Siam Cement Public Co., Ltd.
Sanitee Tanhremhong (Ms.)
Supervisor: Dr. D.N. Batanov

Artificial Intelligent Based Multiple Robot Cooperation for CRS A255 Series Robot
Somrak Petchartee
Supervisor: Dr. Qi Yulu

Clipping in 2-dimensional Space
Tenzin Wangdak
Supervisor: Prof. H.N. Phien

GA and Statistic Based Feature Selection Algorithm
Thanakorn Sakchaicharoenkul
Supervisor: Dr. Qi Yulu

A Design and Implementation of Logo-based Programming Language for Teaching Distributed Programming Ideas
Thanaporn Chochai (Ms.)
Supervisor: Dr. A. Davison

Geometric Correction Algorithm of Remote-sensed Images and its Parallelized Implementation Using WMPI
Thet Thet Swe (Ms.)
Supervisor: Dr. Qi Yulu

Bézier Neural Networks
Trinley Dhargye
Supervisor: Prof. H.N. Phien

A Study of Disk Ball Curves
Wang Xiaohong (Mrs.)
Supervisor: Prof. H. N. Phien

The Prototyping of Internet Auction in Electronic Commerce
Yoeun Sambath
Supervisor: Dr. P.M. Dung

Performance of the Internet
Chhay Nuppakun
Supervisor: Dr. Kanchana

Master's Students in Information Mamaangement

Designing a Security-Oriented Mobile Agent System
Bo Khine
Supervisor: Prof. R. Sadananda

Analysis and Design of a System for Creation of Virtual Library
Chairat Panpun
Supervisor: Dr. F.J. Devadason

A Model for Web Measurement
Itsaree Tasnapuckdi (Ms.)
Supervisor: Dr. Vatcharaporn E.

Development of Information System Using XML: A Case Study of NGO’s in India
Joy Arulrose Daniel
Supervisor: Dr. F.J. Devadason

Development of an XML-Based Document Information System
Myint Myint Mon (Ms.)
Supervisor: Prof. Vilas W.

Model Representation with the Resource Description Framework
Narisara Muraphan (Ms.)
Supervisor: Prof. Vilas W.

Forecasting of Daily Inflows to Chukha Hydel Reservior Using B-spline Neural Networks
Nima Dukpa
Supervisor: Prof. H. N. Phien

Data Integration for Data Warehousing
Patravadee Vongsumedh (Ms.)
Supervisor: Dr. Vatcharaporn E.

Data Mining for Customer Relationship Management
Pimchanok Sukaramula (Ms.)
Supervisor: Dr. Vatcharaporn E.

Application of Metadata and Development of a Knowledge-Based System for Information Filtering
Pong-anan Wanitchakorn
Supervisor: Prof. Vilas W.

Design of a Search System Based on a Faceted Pre-Coordinate Index for Web Document
Pornprapa Patamawongjariya (Ms.)
upervisor: Dr. F.J. Devadason

Intranet-Enabled Data Warehouse
Pornwadee Somphongchaikul (Ms.)
Supervisor: Dr. Vatcharaporn E.

Document Type Definition Design Using UML
Pussadee Arunatidhaya (Ms.)
Supervisor: Prof. Vilas W.

An Agent-Mediated Negotiation Model in Electronic Commerce
Siriwan Apisiridej (Ms.)
Supervisor: Prof. R. Sadananda

Development of Web-Based Training Systems: A Case of Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Co., Ltd.
Thavesak Ganjanasawan
Supervisor: Dr. Vatcharaporn E.

Document Type Definition Design Using Design Patterns
Usa Wongsaraya (Ms.)
Supervisor: Prof. Vilas W.

Web-Based Electronic Meeting System
Wachira Promsakanasakolnakorn
Supervisor: Dr. Vatcharaporn E

Mechanism for Price Comparison
Xu Lin
Supervisor: Dr. Vatcharaporn E.


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